Jan 2008

Samantha meets Rebecca Caldwell

MAR 2008

Delta Phi Nu shield is created. Constitution is written.

oct 2007

Samantha researches local Greek

Organizations and decided to build

her own.

May 17th 2008

First Delta Phi Nu officers are elected.

May 14th 2008

First Delta Phi Nu initiation.

jan 2018

Toronto Sigma Tau Chapter is chartered

Nov 2014

Oshawa Chapter is chartered


aug 2018

Ottawa Kappa Xi and Peterborough Omega Psi Chapters are chartered

Nov 2017

Ottawa Kappa Xi Colony is established

NOV 2012

Delta Phi Nu shield is updated.

Oct 2009

Delta Phi Nu expands for the first time to Oshawa, ON.

Feb 2010

Delta Phi Nu shield is updated by Samantha to the shield we have today.

April 2017

Peterborough Omega Psi Colony is established


FROM OUR founding mother

NOV 2014

Delta Phi Nu National Council is founded.


FEB 2008

The feather, blue diamond, and mascot are picked as symbols.

April 2014

Toronto Gamma Chi Chapter is chartered.

Nov 2015

Delta Phi Nu chapter advisor positions are created.

NOV 2008

Delta Phi Nu mascot is changed from the North American Blue Bird to the Snowy Owl.

"Sisters sworn into the sisterhood of Delta Phi Nu agree to abide by the fraternity constitution and to uphold their oaths. They are to strive to be loyal, to obtain knowledge and to persevere where others may not. It is the goal of the Delta Phi Nu fraternity to give opportunity so that women may fulfill these oaths. In doing this, lifelong bonds can develop and personal growth may occur.

We are not a fraternity that breaks down women to make them great, we are a fraternity that takes great women and makes them remarkable. As Delta Phi Nu sisters, we pride ourselves in the high standards continually shown by all of our chapters and members. Above all else; loyalty, knowledge, and perseverance."


Samantha Fox
Delta Phi Nu Founding Mother

NOV 2016

National Council 
President & Master of Rituals: Emilyanne Bieman
Secretary: Andrea Henderson
VP Chapter Standards & Risk Management: Ashleigh Persaud

Oshawa Xi Epsilon Chapter Advisor: Ashleigh Persaud
VP Chapter Expansion: Amy Nyp

VP Public & External Affairs:

Kylee Ann

Samantha Fox

Currently resides in a quiet small town with her husband and two kids. She is described as eclectic, caring and ambitious.


Rebecca currently works, changing lives, as a Registered Nurse. She is described as adventurous, warm-hearted and outgoing.